A domain is a field of study that defines set of common requirements, terminology, and the knowledge about a particular subject. currently offers courses in -

•  Information Security
•  IT Service Management
•  Project Management etc

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Courses offers quality courses for each domain area. These courses, which carry our logo, are developed in partnership with our Mentor Partners. Current offerings include -

• PMP Exam Preparation
• CISA Exam Preparation
• COBIT5 Foundation Course

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A mentor is a person who has significant expertise or knowledge in a particular domain area which could then be imparted to other students through online materials such as audio, video or documents.

iAthena is looking for qualified mentors to enable distribution of their content and broaden our offerings. So come join us!


From time to time, iAthena (or Navitus Education) will sponsor online or offline events to bring together mentors and/or students to promote online education. We may also use these events to disseminate information on new technologies that can be effectively employed in the educational arena.

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PMP Certification: An Overview

PMP Certification: An Overview


Project Management Professional or PMP® is a very popular and sought after certification in the field of Project Management. "PMP Certification: An Overview" gives useful information on PMP Certification and answers questions such as: What is PMP? Whare are the benefits of PMP Certification? What is PMP Certification Process? What are pre-requisites for PMP Certification?  


Six sigma principles

Six sigma principles

Multimedia Choreography Presentation

Multimedia Choreography Presentation